Stomp Slide / Shim Sham Step


In the Shim Sham Routine performed by Frankie Mannings & Erin Stevens

Historic References

The “Shim Sham” or “Sham” was originally a pre Tap dance routine done by Vaudeville performers in the early 1900’s and consisted of a mixture of standard steps but done in no particular order. The Shim Sham-Shimmy is said to be the creation of Willie Bryant and Leonard Reed and was changed to accommodate a larger group in the theatres they were working at the time, some say around 1927. The “Three Little Words” saw it and performed it in 1931 at Connie’s Inn when they got everyone involved in doing it at the end of the show, which is how they got the credit for it says Leonard. Vin and Roberto based a whole act upon the Shim-Sham and were known as one of the best dance teams around at the time (1935). Learn more on the Street Swing Page.

Didactic Videos

Learn it with Patrick & Natasha

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