Mambo Step


In the Tranky Doo Routine performed by Tops (Thomas Lee) & Wilder (Wilda Crawford)
In the Tranky Doo Routine performed by Al Minns & Leon James
In an old Mambo Dance Video performed by Dante Di Paolo and Sylvia Lewis.

Historic References

The Latin Contradanza of Spain in the seventeenth century would finally arrive in Cuba and become known as the Danza (National Dance.) This danza when mixed with the Haitian slave music style called the Cinquillo set the stage for the Mambo. The word Mambo has some Voodoo (Haiti / African) connections as well to describe the Voodoo priestess in Haiti. However Mambo as an African word means “Chorus or Voices”. In Congolese the word Mambo refers to a lullaby or sacred songs and is identified with the Congo step. Trinidad has its offering as well in the “Shango Step.” Others say that in the argot of the Cuban sugar cane hackers it means “shake it … and that if you do just that you’ll do all right on the dance floor”. Learn more one the Street Swing Page.

Didactic Videos

No Didactic Video found yet…

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